On Home Schooling – A Book and a Movie

Son was looking forward to go to school this August. Not because we want him to learn his alphabets early or want him to prepare for the academic career ahead, but because all his friends from the Creche had started to go to Preschool and he had started missing his play buddies. Having realized that … Continue reading

Of Lost Lives

During my walk last Friday, this thought triggered in my mind from two unrelated events. What an unfair situation would it be if you didn’t know that someone you knew is no longer alive, but you just didn’t know. Lost in the title of this post doesn’t allude to death’s usual meaning, but is lost … Continue reading

Morning Walks

Now that I am not running anymore, and cycling only on alternate weekends, morning walks have become the norm. I never thought this could be such a beautiful thing. Now I know why some elderly people in our neighborhood are so religious about it. Its been about a month and a half that I wake … Continue reading

Sunday Cycle Ride

I am currently reading Scott’s Last Expedition, essentially day to day entries from Captain Scott’s diary. On 22-June-1911, he notes about the limitations in terms of diary pages that he can fill during their expeditions while also noting that there would be so much to record in a normal civilized life. Pausing at that, I … Continue reading

Fast Lock-down

Unlike what I hear from people, the lock-down hasn’t been slower on me. Maybe aided by a perception that with age the most recent time flows faster than the previous periods, I feel like I am running too fast. With a constant fight to get some extra time, I feel a constant burn-out. For an … Continue reading

Counting Elephants in Bandipur

My writing of this after three years of the actual experience is a testimony that it counts among one my best experiences till date. It still feels as if I have just stepped out of those woods with a thin layer of breeze following me. Technically speaking, the title of this post is incorrect. It … Continue reading

Not a Garden

Since last few years I have been planting stuff in tubs in the limited balcony area we have. We have had Tulsi, Mustard Greens (laai Xaak in Assamese), the normal Chili, Bhoot Jolokiya (Ghost Pepper, another one from Assam), Money plant, Aloe Vera, Ajwain etc. This is what it looks as of now: There was … Continue reading


It was sometime in August-2019. I was coming back from Chennai after a three-day work trip. I had started experiencing a fever on the morning of third day. A friend visiting me for lunch got me some tablets after which I continued working. Around midnight I left for airport from office only to find out … Continue reading

Rocketman – And me

Saw Rocketman, a biopic on Elton John on Amazon Prime last week. This post is not a review but how I think it connects with me. Spoiler alert: not significant. Image courtesy: The New Yorker review. I was surprised I didn’t know anything about Elton John. In all probability, I had assumed he had a … Continue reading