Unfinished beer, Quenched thirst

One evening last week in the township, I saw a bunch of kids circled around something. It was a young pigeon cooped up. The kids said it had fallen off from somewhere and was probably hurt. First thing I observed on picking it up was its completely broken off lower beak. My initial guess looking … Continue reading

Finding Home

I have been planning the plan of a house for some time now, just a plan with a placeholder for start date. The concept of living in a metro in a flat doesn’t appeal to me where you live on top of other people (and their expectations) as well as below others (and more expectations). … Continue reading

Mind and Water

We all understand how water is important for our well being. More than food, it’s necessity is paramount in a living beings life. What is not very much understood or felt explicitly is its need for mental well being. At least in my case. Here are few examples I can think of from within my … Continue reading

Once upon a Childhood

There is no name to this relationship with you. I wonder if what I feel can even be classified as a relationship. I wouldn’t call you a friend. Something like a mother? Or a sister, does it matter? Though I insist there can’t be a category of what I took you to be, one thing … Continue reading

Life through Movies

Extent of how powerful a movie is is indicated by how deeply it has been able to touch you. From a movie makers perspective, there is a balance to be made here: number of persons who can relate to it against the depth of the message it caries. A light comedy usually with a shallow … Continue reading

Rescuing a Parrot

One rainy evening last month, I heard this loud screech. It was raining and the pleasantness of Bangalore weather was sort of disturbed by that screech. It was towards the end of my quarantine/recovery period from Covid-19. I kept aside the book I was reading and looked out of the window of the room on … Continue reading

Being Fooled

On a morning four days ago, just as I went for my morning walk, the lady who sweeps the neighborhood asked me to buy rice for her. I politely declined. But the walk made me ponder on why I did so. In the past, she had once asked for money saying it was her daughter’s … Continue reading

World Inside a Well

You are lying down on your back on the floor of a dried up well. A well big enough to let you comfortably stretch your body. You only get to see a circle (or sphere?) of light on top. You can’t get out. You don’t even try, because you don’t know you are supposed to. … Continue reading

A Funeral

Many firsts happened last January. For the first time, a visit home was more work than vacation. For the first time, I reached home from Bengaluru in a single day, thanks to the Bogibeel bridge. This was the first time I was visiting my home town after a gap of almost two years, thanks to … Continue reading

Cats and Me

Cats and Me

Last four photos taken on my phone are of cats, or related to them. Each of them with a short/mini/micro story of their own. This one was a young male I met last week in a retirement village, a place I have got used to by now, thanks to two senior citizen friends who also … Continue reading