World Inside a Well

You are lying down on your back on the floor of a dried up well. A well big enough to let you comfortably stretch your body. You only get to see a circle (or sphere?) of light on top. You can’t get out. You don’t even try, because you don’t know you are supposed to. … Continue reading

A Funeral

Many firsts happened last January. For the first time, a visit home was more work than vacation. For the first time, I reached home from Bengaluru in a single day, thanks to the Bogibeel bridge. This was the first time I was visiting my home town after a gap of almost two years, thanks to … Continue reading

Cats and Me

Cats and Me

Last four photos taken on my phone are of cats, or related to them. Each of them with a short/mini/micro story of their own. This one was a young male I met last week in a retirement village, a place I have got used to by now, thanks to two senior citizen friends who also … Continue reading

Most Difficult Thing

What is the most difficult thing you have done till date? I imagine asking this to myself every once in a while. With a bias to recency, the immediate answer would be about what I did last Sunday. With the house left entirely to me (and the cat) since last Thursday, I embarked upon an … Continue reading

Loneliest in this World

“How did you get separated from your family?“ It had taken about a month for someone to come close, let alone ask me anything so personal. I had only started opening up to other inmates bit by bit. This question opened up the ever lasting wound I have. One which is the oldest, feels the … Continue reading

Lives Around

Last few months have been busy because of work, and efforts to spend more time with family. Amidst all of these, have been keen about non-human lives around. It is not that they haven’t been around, but we as humans on an average have become so engrossed in humanity (whatever that is), that they are … Continue reading

Back to Running

I started running yesterday after almost six months of absolute-non-running. Had been contemplating/procrastinating getting back to running for a week with thoughts on continuing barefoot, re-appearance of blisters from starting afresh, whether to put masks on, would I get the virus and so on. Eventually, I just stepped out, and run. A short three kilometer … Continue reading


Life at times looks pointless, fake, devoid of meaning. I am not the only one thinking this right now. And this won’t be the last time I will have this feeling. For this feeling right now, I can only blame my mindfulness. I want to be wrong in doing so. I read the Headspace Guide … Continue reading

Evolution and Humans

During my walk today, a thought about Human relationships, especially the romantic ones, came to mind. We as humans have gone much ahead on the evolution paradigm and have overshot the Darwinian mountain (if there is one). Couple of points why I think so. First, we share most of our genes with our two parents … Continue reading

Riding Wheels

I had earlier written how much a cycle means to me. After two aborted attempts at riding to Nandi Hills in this Pandemic, I finally did it one weekend last month. And I returned alive. I had started early. Didn’t think it was early enough towards the end. Nevertheless, I am past the pain now, … Continue reading